Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When I first started hunting for a pair of pointed toe black pumps, I really didn't expect it to be THAAAAT hard. Boy! was I wrong!
I'm very hard on shoes. Not by wearing them, but I judge. HARD.
I literally study every aspect of the shoe.
Also, the fact that I'm a realist makes it much harder to buckle down with a decision to actually buy a pair of shoes.
These pumps from ASOS are pretty darn perfect.
The toe is good...not too pointed..I'm still haunted my the exaggerated pointed toe of the late 90s early 00's.
The heel is high enough to feel fancy but low enough that I could wear them without staring at them in my closet with dread and mentally preparing for a foot bloodbath.
I'm partial to a d'orsay style pump because it gives them a vintage feel and don't look so matronly.
And last but certainly not least, the price point is awesome. Sixty Three American Dollars!
Not bad, not bad at all. Especially if I end up only wearing them to weddings/funerals/jury duty.

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