Thursday, April 19, 2012

down below

I'm digging printed bottoms for summer.

** the second image reminds me of the "crazy quilts" I posted about awhile ago. Sweet!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Screaming Trees

Cindy Crawford during the House of Style days.
I miss that show.
I always loved Todd Oldham's DIY segments.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I've had enough

photos via wonderland magazine.

I adore these photos and they immediately reminded me of "Quadrophenia".

Thursday, April 12, 2012

through and through

I like when details I am drawn to are found in both fashion and home decor.

Apparently I like shit with metal corners.
Good to know.

Home decor via pinterest.
Boots via Nasty Gal
Skirt is Versace X H&M via google

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

god damn classic

god damn classic

I'm going out of town this weekend and as I was making my list of "oufits" to pack....Do y'all do that too??....I realized I definitely have a uniform.
In a way, I already knew it....but I didn't know I was that predictable.
At this point on my life, if I didn't have a semi-uniform..then I think as someone that has such a respect for fashion would be disappointed.
I think of Anna Wintour, Coco Chanel, and Karl Lagerfield.
They literally wear/wore the same damn thing everyday but still exude(d) style.
I refuse to think fashion is trying to wear the next big thing.
It's really more about truly being yourself and giving an emotion/character/personality with a garment.
It's something truly magical.
And can be done with the most simple of wears.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Summer Sandals

Dainty studs. The ankle strap makes for a very wearable sandal. Dressy enough for wearing on a night out but they're flats so you can also wear them to the corner store at 9a.m. when you realize you're out of coffee.

Casual Studs. These are my version of beach flip flops. And take the trash out shoes.
Simple. I like the lil' wedge.
These are as "Calvin Klein" minimalist as I can usually get on purpose.

Classic thong sandal. The buckles toughen it up.

The mint color is good but after scrolling through for about .5 seconds...I'm 'bout over the color. Good thing this sandal is offered in other colors that don't remind me of 18 year olds posing like models at their "scouted" locations in clothes they may not like but all the other popular bloggers wear it...all whilst making the title of said photoshoot something reeeeeaaal corny incorporating the word mint.

oh...too much...? ;)

White and Beige.
Okay....maybe this is my most "Calvin Klein" minimalist pick on purpose.
I reallllly like these guys!
The laced up buckled ankle strap/plain and braided straps/studs.
A little too much going on you say....yeah maybe.
But my problem with summer clothes is how easily boring they can be when it's 100 degrees outside.
This way the little jamboree! on my feet will deter from the fact that I'm wearing jean shorts and a black tank top....again.

Colorful thin straps.
I would wear these to bring out a color in a piece of clothing but since there's no way that all the colors would be in said would make the ensemble look no so matchy matchy.
Good enough for me.

It's always relevant and always good.

These are Nike sandals...
Which means they are athletic sandals. These two words just shouldn't go together,
They make me think of old dudes wearing socks and Tevas.
BUT!! These are streamlined enough that they could be..dare I say....chic!?
I think if you live in a city where you walk a lot or you're in a situation(i.e., sight seeing/at a theme park/etc) where comfort is more important than fashion..then these are a compromise that won't make you shudder with shoe grossness...yup..shoe grossness, that's a technical term.

All of my finds via urbanoutfitters/zara/nordstrom
and are $100 or less.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Your Armor

The Bill Cunningham documentary is on Netflix right now. I urge everyone to watch it. This man is the reason why I continue my love affair with fashion.
The way he lives and the way he thinks is awe inspiring.

Go Watch Now!!

Happy Sunday/April 1st!