Thursday, May 31, 2012

start gettin real

start gettin real

Do you remember how much older and cooler everybody on The Real World seemed when you watched it in middle school? And watch and cringe and mutter to yourself how irresponsible and stupid they seem..
But..those first few seasons in the early 90s always remain good memories of cool/interesting young much as I can recollect.
Real World London was one of my favorites because of Jacinda and Neil. She had awesome vintage style and he was cute and both he and his girlfriend had cool style. 15+ years later, I think of them when I wear a vintage chiffon dress with my beat up frye boots or when I throw on my striped mohair sweater and creepers. Weird how inspiration/memories really do become one in the same as time goes on. Regarding fashion and other ACTUAL important things! :)

P.S. Do you remember when Neil almost got his tongue bitten out!!

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DeeComposed said...

oh man....loved Neil and his girlfriend!!! so hot!!!! oh how I miss the 90's....