Saturday, April 27, 2013

the 2 a.m. boot debacle

                       Right                                                                                             Wrong


Okay. Not to be an asshole..but this is the absolute perfect example of the right and wrong way of wearing something. I mean, to each his own and all that jazz...but it's so apparent here. I mean..these looks were one after the other on the Stockholm Street-style website, which is unfortunate and kind of me, at least. The girl on the left is just doing her thing. I like to imagine her not having a full length mirror at home. I did that once for about a year and some change and it was pretty awesome. When I got dressed..I literally just had to "believe" that it all looked cohesive. Which in this modern age, looking cohesive is not "looking" cohesive...if you get what I'm saying. The girl on the right...hmmm. At first, I was like "Oh! I love her glasses and the 70's vibe"..but then at closer glance, I just kind of sighed out loud. I mean, wearing every trend ever head to toe is never a good idea. I don't care if they all seem like they work together, they don't. To me, she looks like she cares way too much about other women. Do you know what I mean? Like she buys certain items because of the notoriety of the brand and the jealousy that ensues when she walks into a room wearing an outfit you can distinctively name at least 3 designers...which personally weird me out. I would rather see the girl on the left and say to myself "Damn right! You are wearin the hell out of those Isabel boots with slouchy white socks!" ..I don't even care too much about the rest of her get up--even though it's pretty amazing! But I admire her individuality. I think nobody but her could/would put those particular pieces together to create such a remarkable ensemble. The girl on the right...that shit from head to toe could literally be hanging on a mannequin. These are some of my random thoughts after working a double/drinking a glass of wine/day 4 of quitting smoking. Your Welcome.

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