Friday, July 26, 2013



The best part about having a fashion blog is not feeling bad about looking far into the future and making wish lists and premonitions of what I'll be wearing in the coming months. I think that anyone that has any sort of interest in fashion, gets a little fidgety this time of year. As I put on a simple slip dress or cutoffs and a t-shirt day after day this time of year..I start daydreaming of fall fashion and all the possibilities the season ensues.

Yet, this year I have made the realization and therefore the decision to quit pining away for "someday" and "one day" clothing.
I have a formula, whether I like it or not, to what I wear.
I think the excitement doesn't really stem from new anyway. It's the feeling of putting something on and saying/thinking to yourself, "This was made for me".
So...what I'm actually trying to get at is...I'm excited about fall.
Whether I buy some entirely new pieces for my closet or just different versions of what I currently have is up to me and that feels pretty damn liberating.

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