Monday, September 16, 2013

good feeling

marc by marc jacobs s/s 14

My interest is usually sparked by nostalgia. My love and affection for vintage are tell tale signs of that. It's pretty cool when little pieces of yesteryear hit closer to home and ignite memories of my younger days. 
This collection completely made me think of my version of the early 90's.

And by my version of the 90's I mean the.....
Hanes A-Tanks
Metallic Leather
Grandmothers 40's Graphic Printed Blouses and Dresses
Grandfathers Golf Trousers and Sweaters
Mom's 70's Garb
Skate Sneakers

Which is exactly what Marc did. He tapped into a part of my adolescence that immediately brought me back to Delia's catalogs/Sassy magazine/Shopping at Merry-Go-Round/Listening to Violent Femmes and Sonic Youth on repeat/Walking to 7-11 for Jolt Cola and the hopes to "run into" the cute boys skateboarding.
Good Times....good times, indeed.

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