Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Life

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I've had this old jewelry box forever. I never really liked it, but since I have gobs of jewelry, it was at least useful. Since moving into my new place, I've definitely been bitten with the redecorate/DIY bug. So after reading a few tutorials on spray painting furniture, I went to Wal Mart and got all the supplies for a lil' project.

The process was pretty darn easy...although spray painting an even coat was kind of nerve racking and difficult...for me at least. I sanded the jewelry box first, used a primer, and then spray painted my color of choice(brushed nickel). I bought a clear gloss top coat but the color I used urged not to use one because it would take away the brushed finish...which makes sense and I think the matte finish works much better for a metallic color.

I let the jewelry box dry and set for about a day before moving it back into my room and stuffing it chalk full of jewelry.
I'm quite pleased with the outcome!
I was thinking of doing a bright color at one point but I thought using a metallic would be better and be more of a neutral since I'm still on the fence of my overall color scheme for the bedroom.

When I set all my stuff back up that surrounds my jewelry box....I was kind of..blah with the whole spread. So I took some stuff away/added a few favorite things/placed a few things in different spots.
It's still a work in progress but I'm excited that I actually started and finished a DIY project.
I many times have you bought the supplies for a project and put them in your closet and forgot about the whole thing!?

After doing this, I'm definitely more inspired and confident about all the projects looming in my head/notebook/pinterest!
I'll definitely post more of my matter the outcome...on here and hopefully it will inspire you!

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