Thursday, March 22, 2012

She cray-cray

My fascination with vintage and textiles goes well beyond clothing. When perusing the internet for antique quilts for some new summer bedding, I discovered a type of quilting that stole my heart and intrigued me at first sight! I not only hope to someday come across a crazy quilt in person, but I hope to add one to my home. I, also, have a hankering to learn a new craft!

About American Antique Victorian Crazy Quilts
The heyday of Victorian Crazy quilting was circa 1885. However, these quilts were made from 1880 until the late 1890’s. Any Crazy quilt containing a date prior to 1879, would most likely indicate a special date from the family’s history.

During the height of the Victorian era, homes could not have enough embellishment. Women wholeheartedly threw themselves into decorating every inch of the floors, walls and furniture. The culture of the times was full of symbolism, poetry and romance. Crazy quilting allowed women to display their artistic abilities in needlework, oil painting, and arrangement of embellishments. Silks, silk velvets and chenille, and threads of every hue were used to incorporate names, dates, pictures, and a wide assortment of symbols.


**For even more info/explanation on crazy quilts go here**

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