Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keep on giving

the platforms that keeps on giving

Those Deandri platforms were in my day/dreams before I even knew they existed! I need them in my life. Like tomorrow. Seriously. The lengths I would and could go to wear them daily would be outstanding! In the morning in a tank top and thermals(I'm even cold in the summer) to grab the paper/coffee/etc. and still look super amazing albeit greasy. In the afternoon, to have lunch/do laundry/grocery shop/boring shit you have to do in the afternoon after procrastinating all morning long, and at night to have a wonderful date night/go to the corner store for an okay bottle of wine/while having drinks with friends that live hundreds of miles away on the phone..they appreciate the effort. So...yeah. I would literally do whatever the hell I wanted in those bad boys and be as happy as a clam. And cute as shit. uh huh!

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Meekay said...

Love the wedges!