Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fur Real

Fur fur it's good for your heart, the more you wear the more you...oh wait....wrong song.
But speaking of fur, it was everywhere you looked for Fall 13. I mean, some designers even had fur dresses and fur suits! Which is completely ridiculous and not feasible for us real girls out
There were some fur looks that I got real excited about, mostly because it's fur, and I love fur! The way I feel about fur is the way George Costanza feels about velvet. Most of the looks were just throwbacks from yesteryear, with a modern belt thrown on or in a fun bright color. Which is kind of super awesome, because this allows complete ease to recreate the looks with vintage.
**Oh yeah, I should mention, I don't condone buying new real fur! I only buy vintage fur!**

I've found some of my best pieces thrifting...duhh! You can find some great deals on Ebay and Etsy, especially during the off season. I think it's extremely important to modernize vintage whilst wearing it. It's cute and kitschy, when I see other girls wearing a head to toe look from another decade, but it also must suck to be pigeon holed to a look, and feel weird to try something completely different whenever you feel like it. (cool run-on sentence!)
*Ooops! Sorry for the tangent! *

What I'm trying to get at are some ideas to pull of a new modern (Fall 13) look wearing a piece of history on your back. For example, taking a fur that is a little too long and cutting it into a cropped version. Or taking the long fur and wearing a super sweet modern belt so it has a nice silhouette and flares out a little bit. Taking a white or blond fur and getting it dyed in a cool color. And of course, sometimes nothing has to be done because in it's original form it is quite possibly the coolest thing since sliced bread!
Happy Fur Hunting! Poor taste pun definitely intended! ;)

***Taking your coats to your local furriers will be your best bet, but if you are feeling brave, I have found some DIY tutorials in the interwebz***

Below are some of my favorite furs from Fall 13!
Found via

These two furs were found on Ebay and were both under $20! Sooooo good!!

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