Friday, March 1, 2013

Alex does Balenciaga

Balenciaga AW13:

Well it's safe to say that Alexander Wang did an excellent job for his debut collection under the Balenciaga name. It was luxurious, creative, and very wearable. I loved the natural/organic elements of many of the pieces that juxtaposed the pure elegance of the overall collection. It's funny to feel proud of someone you don't know, but I am, and I'm uber-excited to see what's to come!

I love the layering. Fur short sleeve coat to showcase a treated knit that looks like birch tree bark. 

More fur sleeves please! Never thought I would say that...but I'm soooo down!

This is the first time the whole pants/skirt combo has made sense to me.

I never get tired of peplums.

The draping here is awesome. 

It's all about the back of this look....and the shoes. Toe cleavage for dayzzzzz! 
This will be the shoe of the season. Mark my words.

Super into this print. A cross between coral and thorns....?..or at least that's what I see.

Love this grey marbled print too. And these shoes too!

I want to touch this fabric. Has such a great dimension to it. Ohhh..and I love those shoes too...damn it!

I'm not sure what kind of fabric he used for that top...but it has that futuristic soft stiffness of neoprene with a treatment that reminds me of peeling paint on an old piece of furniture. Which works for me! 

White and grey marbled lil chubby fur. *sigh*

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