Monday, August 12, 2013

know what you don't want

As mentioned a few posts back, one of my Fall 13 "must find" item is the perfect over the knee boots. I have been searching ever since then and I won't be done until I have a pair in my possession. I have come across some pretty good pairs and as of now I'm just narrowing my finds and saving up my money.
Finding the perfect pair of boots is hard enough, but the perfect over the knee boot is damn near impossible. Especially since I'm so picky and with my budget.

My stipulations go as follows:

Black or Dark Grey...That way they will go with everything
Real Leather...nothing worse than fake ass leather boots (IMHO)!!
Thicker/Classic Heel....In order to wear season after season and to not look like a hooker.
Mid Thigh Length....not those just over the knee boots..go big or go home! 
Top of boot is not angled and/or has no slit in the back of thigh...I do not want to look like a pirate
Under $500...because I'm not made of money

Easy......Right!?! yeah...welcome to my world of fashion snobbery on a budget! **sigh**

These are my top picks so far! 
These are my favorites thus far! Super perfect!! You can find them here

These don't meet my heel requirement but for the price they are a great casual OTK boot. Buy here! 

I like the rugged heel and classic toe shape. Find here.

I really like these! They come in black or brown. I like the suede finish. And the height of the heel and shape are perfect.
Bonus points for the bit of platform toe for comfort and great price! Buy here!

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