Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just do it. Duhh.

Nike Dual Fusion ST

I'm a runner. These are my new sneakers.

I never in my life thought I would consider myself a runner. It all started with a new job at a restaurant and realizing I was in my late twenties. Last February, I realized that when I wasn't in my work uniform or clothes did not fit comfortably. That was not okay.
Not only was I unhappy with gaining weight(what girl is!?) but I had a new boyfriend that I wanted to hang out with sans clothes!
So, I did what every other girl that just gained 5-10 pounds do and joined a gym!
At first, I did the elliptical and....yup..that's pretty much it.
Hey! It worked when I was 22...wouldn't it work when I was pushing 30!?..yeahhh..nope.
On the days I didn't go to the gym I started running in my neighborhood. I thought it was really far but was not...
It gave me this weird confidence of running.
 So, I became a runner.
Thats the best part of running. You don't need gobs of money or a real sense of hand-eye corrdination. Anyone can do it!!

**Side Note**
I was running outside one glorious spring day, and a car drove past me and yelled to me "Run Forest Run!" ...yup! uber-embarressing but Whatever! They can suck it!

Some days I run 4+ miles and don't won't to stop and then other days I can hardly run 2 miles.
The other day, after a retarded amount of non-running, I was on the treadmill and forgot my Ipod(which made me listen to the horrible soundtrack that is my gym radio and the lady on the treadmill beside me speedwalking and talking on her bluetooth) and realized running is a much more mental activity than physical.
Anyone can run but can you beat that conversation in your head of stopping because it's gotten kind of hard?
I've found that I break through at least 2 mentals barriers of wanting to stop when running at least 3 miles. And that's the best part..not stopping and realizing that it wasn't so bad.
Being almost 30 turned me onto running but it didn't make me stick with it.
Yes, I care about staying in shape but the time I have with myself, with my thoughts can't compare to any other "activity" I know.
And by that, I mean...blogging, surfin' the interwebz, shopping, internet shopping, talking with friends, having a drink, taking a bath, etc...
If I dare say....uhhhh..I'm scared and a lil' embarressed..but it's chicken soup for your soul.

P.S. The new sneakers rule. Not only for the lightness and the ankle support but for the subtle gothness. I can not for the life of me wear white and/or colorful matter the physical activity. Who knows!? maybe I'll come out with a goth fitness line!?? but for now, it's refreshing to find a great running shoe in black!

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kristina said...

i really neeeed a new pair of nikes actually, so thanks for the review!!
xx, kristina