Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali AW 13

She's still doing what she does best. Norma Kamali doesn't try to reinvent the "fashion" wheel, but she does use tried and true silhouettes and takes it a step further...without compromising wearability. 

A quilted bomber jacket extended past the waist to create more of a dress coat silhouette.....holy shit. Amazing!
Those are safety pins. I love me some safety pins.
Sleek quilted cocoon jacket. Perfection.
This reminds me of a bedspread...but in the most beautiful way possible.
Classic 40's detailing/Norma detailing
Full length peplum belt...so good. Also, this outfit reminds me of what En Vogue wore in their Free Your Mind video. Which is awesome.
I think this is her most relatable look.
Ahhh...I love illusion lace. It's so sexy.
My addiction to jumpsuits is gaining more momentum after this one!
Another sweet peplum belt but this is a little more sporty! 
I could totally see a cool downtown girl wearing this..only to show up somewhere and some upper eastside lady wearing it too. Which is awesome and funny at the same time.

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