Sunday, May 5, 2013

all that and a bag of chips

Michael Kors MaryJane

Many moons ago, I had a very similar pair of maryjanes. I wore them with silver glitter thigh highs, baby tees, pleated skirts, and baby backpacks. I was in 7th grade, mind you. The MK maryjanes above are like the grown up version of the pair I wore in middle school. Which brings up the question, Is it still a faux pas to revisit a trend that you wore when it was original? or have we gotten to point of no rules, kind of like being "able" to wear white after labor day? I guess, personally, my thoughts are if done right and you choose the elevated version of a trend you wore that has resurfaced, then why the H not? I think if you are re-buying the trend in the juniors department...then you may look like an idiot.

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