Monday, May 27, 2013


 Birthday cake made by my boyfriend. Vegan/Gluten-Free!

 New glasses. 50% off from

 "New" Vintage heels. 

 Scored this 1940's full length dress for $5.

Best belt ever. Gifted from my boss at the vintage shop where I work.

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If you follow this blog or just stumbled upon it and read a few entries, I'm pretty sure you have gathered enough info to conclude that I am one cheap bastard. I am rather proud of my gift of finding amazing things on sale/thrifted/etc.
On any given day, I can look down at my outfit and tell you it costs less than $40 all together.
For some, thrifting and vintage is something new and/or cool, but for me it's been a way of life for a long time. Shopping new gives me zero thrills. Walking into a thrift shop, on the other hand, raises my adrenaline and I will spend hours combing through every inch for treasures. 
I am going to try to share more of my finds through the blog but in the meantime, check out my instagram

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