Friday, June 21, 2013

drivin on 4

I've been in the moving "state" since June 10th. 
I've tried to document most of it via Instagram.
If you don't currently follow me, ya go!

This is me completely overwhelmed with the whole moving thing.

For some reason, one of the last things I packed was my Elvis jumpsuit.

After the awfulness that is moving, we took the following day to explore our new surroundings and enjoy the sweet delights of 7-11!! They don't have those in NC, so being in FL is kind of amazing just for that modern convenience! No's amazing! and convenient! 

The cuteness in downtown Winter Park is out of control and I'm super thankful that we made the decision to move here!

I'm stoked to be here but....the fact that I currently have zero! dishwasher safe dishes sucks at life. Me and my dude literally spent 5 hours washing dishes. Yikes! 

Still getting used to all the lizards hanging out everywhere. But man!! the Sunshine State has been super awesome so far!! 

I hope to document a hell of a lot more, so stay tuned or follow me on Instagram! 

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